To the Uxbridge Bruins Hockey Club,

Our season may have ended on Saturday, March 16. But, this letter from a dedicated fan shows that for one local family, the memories of this season will last a lifetime.

Thank you for allowing us to share your thoughts, Neil.


To the Uxbridge Bruins Hockey Club,
In the wake of a season that ended too soon, I would like to offer this reflection.
In October of 2023, Knox ADAMS, a 7-year-old boy was introduced to his first
Junior C hockey game. The Bruins vs Little Britain the Bruins won, not only the
game, but the heart of that 7-year-old. So, it began, the trio of Son, Father and Poppy.
I lost my wife and Knox lost his Grandma in September and I welcomed
the opportunity for the distraction. Myself and Aaron ADAMS, Knox’s dad, were
able to bear witness to a relationship that is beyond words. A journey that
witnessed a boy enter his first season of organized hockey and was afraid to get
“too close” to the players as they entered and exited the ice, to a boy that
magically turns into his favorite Bruin with every touch of the ball or puck in his
games. To a boy that occupied that bottom step by “the door” and the space
adjacent to every door in every rink in the loop. He went from knowing numbers,
to last names, to first names, to nicknames like Undie, Rigi, Tubo, Gilly and Gav.
He even yells “We got Linies!” at his house league games. If you were hurt, he
knew. If you were suspended, he knew. If you were late coming out of the room,
he knew. If you changed your tape, he knew. And if you were traded, he knew.
Knox’s experience was taken to the next level the evening that Trevor invited him
into the sanctity of “The Room”. When he came back to our seats he said “Oh my
god, my heart is racing, the room smelled like sweat, I loved it!” From that night
forward, for Knox, that assembly of players became “The Boys” for his father and
I, we could not have been prouder that he had been included as part of your

At the Alumni game when Trent Underwood invited Knox to join “the boys” on the bench, participate in the post-game hand shake and group photo, we were left speechless.
In a world where youth and young men are often dismissed and criticized for lacking admirable or quality traits, this organization has assembled a group of young men that have influenced and inspired a young boy to be, one of you, when he grows up.
For those who have been associated with the Bruins organization for any significant time, the ADAMS name should sound familiar. Aaron once played for the team and Knox’s great grandfather Ross Adams, was recognized by the organization as one of its most passionate and loyal supporters.
I would like to conclude by offering this. Not all accomplishments can be quantified on a stat sheet or annual report. The most impactful accomplishments are often arrived at by the illusive term CHARACTER.
The entire 2023/24 Uxbridge Bruins Hockey Club have been a first-class outfit all year. You have iced a group of young men that have been well-parented, and well-coached. You have assembled an off-ice team that have made coming to the rink every Friday night a true joy. You might not have achieved your ultimate goal, but it’s safe to say that you have succeeded in transforming a 7-year-old
boy into a number 1 Fan, who aspires to wear that Bruins logo proudly.
That’s a winning season in my books.

Thank you,
Neil Orr